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Road Shifter/Brake Lever with Caliper

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Ergo Hydro with Caliper

The Super Record EPS electronic groupset, considered a benchmark for its performance and reliability, is now available in a 12-speed version. The groupset has been redesigned to adapt perfectly to the road 12-speed technological frontier with the same 11-29 and 11-32 cassette combinations introduced in the mechanical version. Fast shifting, always precise and effortless for the cyclist, and a very gradual gear ratio are just some of the extraordinary characteristics of the EPS groupset, whose performance is ensured by the tried and tested prior generations and matched by the Campagnolo hydraulic disc brake system and AMS (Adjustable Modulation System) and Reach adjustment management options.

The shape and functionality of the new Ergopower EPS 12-speed stem from meticulous studies carried out to guarantee the most efficient and effective ergonomics possible. The shape of the updated brake lever with its new 12-speed design is the result of painstaking studies into hand ergonomics carried out in the Campy Tech Lab to ensure that, together with positioning of the downshift lever, the cyclist has an intuitive, practical, comfortable "control center". The Ergopower Super Record EPS Disc Brake controls incorporate the AMS, which allows setting of the desired mode and reach adjustment to position the brake lever an optimum distance from the handlebar.

The H12 hydraulic disc braking system is very much the same as the H11, but with some new caliper options. The proven design features Flat Mount calipers, which are generally sized to the desired rotor option. The system was developed in conjunction with Magura, uses a very stable Campagnolo-specific mineral oil fluid, and is straightforward to set-up and bleed. The braking power and feel is excellent, and most people find the modulation superlative, which factors in to most choosing 160mm rotors. You get the control you need at all times, in all conditions, but the power of the larger rotor when you need it. The hydraulic hoses and fittings are typical Campagnolo quality. Service parts and tools are widely available, with excellent tech support videos available online.


  • The superlative Super Record EPS 12 Ergopower lever with Hydro disc brake caliper
  • Right and Left options available, sold separately
  • EPS system Control Levers are positioned and act according to the same logic as Campagnolo mechanical gear levers; One Lever, One Action
  • EPS retains QuickShift/MultiShift performance features common to mechanical version
  • Multi-Dome design allows you to feel the exact instant when shifting happens- like the "positive" feel response of Ergo mechanical, but a little subtler
  • E-Ergonomy informed shaping of the body of the control conforms perfectly to your hands
  • Shaped cushioning, adjustable reach make these controls accessible regardless of hand/finger size
  • Ergonomics, comfort and effective braking from body shape, lever designs and curves
  • All EPS Drivetrain components comply with IP67 international standard
  • EPS MODE button lets the cyclist check battery charge, make accurate adjustments to gears or derailleur (even while pedaling) and carry out any kind of diagnostic check
  • Includes hydraulic disc brake caliper/pads, hose (no disc rotor)
  • Sold individually: Left (160mm caliper), Right 160mm caliper)
  • Weight: 381 grams