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Road Framesets

Cervelo R5 Disc Sunweb Frameset 2019

Looking for a distinctive Limited Edition colorway of the excellent 2nd generation R5 Disc frameset? The inspired Team Sunweb colorway adds a great complement to the stock color options. With the ability to easily run 28mm tires at all times, even on 25mm wide rims you can take full advantage of the great road tire options available today. This design demonstrated a marked increase in lateral stiffness in the frameset over the it's already excellent predecessor, as well as improved aerodynamics and overall ride quality. Cervelo aficionados will quickly identify the new aero, square back seattube and seatpost. With this 2019 R5 Disc Frameset the tire clearance is great for training and racing, but a 700x25 is still a great tire for disc brake road race performance. Now that the UCI and more pro cyclists/teams are slowly embracing disc brake use, and with the improved aerodynamics of Squoval.Max, this race-developed frameset, when built with with race-level components has been taking back rider use from it's S5 brethren.

The massive square-oval design of the downtube makes the most impressive statement about Squoval.Max, but every tube on the R5 Dics has been redeveloped to reduce weight, manage disc brake forces, and increase lateral stiffness without compromising vertical compliance, and maximizing aerodynamics. From front to back, the redesign fortifies at junctions for increased torsional stiffness to the tune of 18% at the headtube junction and a stout 26% at the 79mm BBright bottom bracket, while increased shape integration delivers 14-gram improvement in aerodynamics. The bottom bracket has been lowered, with a 72mm drop, rising up in a D-shaped flatback seattube that carries to the top. The accompanying D-shaped Aero seatpost features a new rear fastening system, that gets hidden by a fitment that covers the entire junction, improving aerodynamics. The seattube/seatstay cluster exits out the back with a flattened section that adds torsional stiffness before reducing into the thin, vertically compliant stays the R-series bikes are known for.

The lowered bottom bracket, longer reach, lower stack, and shorter headtube of the R5 lengthen and drop the cycling position lower in favor of a pro bike fit and weights the bike appropriately. The fit set-up centers rider weight, holding the power of the pedaling position at an aggressive hip angle, while ensuring the proper distribution over the front wheel required for aggressive corning and overall stability. The overall frame construction and geometry of a 56cm feature a shorter 151mm headtube, 410mm seatstays and a 993mm wheelbase, all of which lead to impeccable, agile handling at any speed.

The tapered 1½ to 1⅛" Cervelo Carbon Disc Fork was built like, and complements the frame, with enhancements to the lateral base stiffness, tire clearance and aerodynamics. The end result is a bike that carves mountain descents, rips criterium corners, and rolls true and balanced on the flats. Increased comfort comes not only from the more compliant D-shaped seatpost, but also with larger volume tires. As aerodynamics research has pushed wheel manufacturers to wider rims, larger tires, and frame/fork air flow integration, we know 25-28mm road tires can be fast, aero, and reduce road noise and impact. This race-ready R5 Disc takes full advantage.

Cervelo's aero integrated Future Proof cable routing that accommodates mechanical and electronic drivetrains carries over, along with the Reduced Friction Bottom Bracket Guide. The derailleur cables or wires run down into headube/downtube junction from a port just behind the headtube, similar to the aero-road S5 design. You get all the pieces and parts needed for any drivetrain set-up, along with a chainstay protector and an optional shroud for the frame based seatpost fastening system.

Although one of the engineers' tasks with the R5 was to develop disc brake and non-disc version to be a close as possible in fit, function, feel, and frame performance; disc brakes do have different requirements and move the actual braking effect lower to the road, at the hub, versus upon the fork crown and seatstays. The R5 disc brake model features 12mm thru-axle drop outs, using the RAT thru-axle system for much faster wheel changes- crucial to the racing world. Again, this is catering to the pros, but with excellent safety as well, every R5 Disc rider will benefit from the stability and stiffness of thru-axles, while being able to quickly and easily remove and reinstall a wheel in any conditions.

Of course safety is also tied to disc braking, specifically the newer lighter lever/caliper options that manage heat on a long descent, elicit subtle feel and performance while cornering, as well as delivering power that won't fade or diminish in wet or dry conditions. The caliper standard is the Flat Mount system, front and rear, with integrated internal hose routing. The braking set-up had been optimized for 160mm calipers/rotors but 140mm can still be used. Most of the new road brake rotor designs meet the UCI's requirement for a rounded edge, which further minimizes potential injury in a group crash.

We appreciate that the R5 Disc has a purer race geometry to best suit serious racing cyclists and enthusiasts who can exploit a more aggressive fit, overall position and frame geometry. Even better, the overall ride quality of the frameset is still forgiving without feeling soft, especially at the rear, where the intelligently engineered SP-18 Carbon Seatpost offers just the right amount of flex when needed, taking advantage of the sloping toptube design.


  • Pro-level road disc brake road race frameset with aggressive positioning, improved tire clearance and torsional stiffness, Team colorway option
  • Advanced Squoval.Max tubeset increases torsional resistance, lateral stiffness, and aerodynamic capability
  • Seattube is D-shaped, with flatback design, requires included D-shaped post
  • Complete FutureProof cable management system for mechanical or electronic drivetrains and braking systems
  • Integrated internal shift housing routing behind steerer tube (like S5)
  • Full carbon disc fork tapered 1½ to 1⅛", integrated routing
  • Flat Mount disc brake caliper mount standard
  • RAT thru-axle systems: 12/100mm front, 12/142mm rear, with floating rear derailleur mount system
  • Frame/fork optimized to accommodate 28mm road tires, even on 25mm rims
  • Includes frame specific Cervelo SP-18 carbon seatpost; 48 & 51cm feature the zero offset version, while 54cm and up feature the 25mm setback version
  • Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58cm
  • Colorway:Team Sunweb Red
  • Weight: 831 grams (54cm- frame only)
Cervelo R5 Disc
Size 48cm 51cm 54cm 56cm 58cm 61cm
Wheel Size 700 700 700 700 700 700
Stack 499mm 524mm 548mm 572mm 596mm 620mm
Reach 362mm 371mm 380mm 389mm 399mm 408mm
Head Angle 71° 72° 73° 73° 73° 73°
Seat Angle 73° 73° 73° 73° 73° 73°
Top Tube Length 516mm 532mm 548mm 564mm 581mm 598mm
Head Tube Length 83mm 103mm 125mm 151mm 178mm 203mm
Standover 712mm 723mm 753mm 784mm 815mm 846mm
Fork Trail 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm
Fork Offset 51mm 51mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 74.5mm 74.5mm 72mm 72mm 68.5mm 69.5mm
Front Center 573mm 573mm 577mm 594mm 611mm 627mm
Wheelbase 972mm 974mm 976mm 993mm 1011mm 1027mm
Chainstay Length 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm