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Road Framesets

Cervelo S5 Frameset

It is difficult to find another bicycle manufacturer that has had a greater impact on aerodynamic bike engineering and design than Cervelo. The aero road concept has largely been driven by the Canadian company's historical development of the Soloist/S series bikes. Cervelo sets strong benchmarks for their own work, persisting until the engineers can truly eclipse an existing version. The 3rd generation Cervelo S5 epitomizes this process making this S5 aero road design even more difficult to improve on.

Cervelo’s leading aerodynamics research/knowledge enhances an acute focus on rider experience and needs. First, the team went back to the aerodynamics drawing board and challenged themselves to see every component’s shape in fresh ways. Then, instead of continuing to refine components, they changed their focus in two ways. First, they considered entire zones on the bike, establishing four that integrated the component sections in each zone. Second, they minutely examined how bike and rider work as a total aerodynamic system. Expanding their thinking this way gave each design and engineering group far more design space in which to balance stiffness, handling, and comfort while maintaining their driving objective- delivering speed.

The results are direct and clear. Start with aerodynamic savings of 5.5 watts (42 grams of drag) achieved compared to the 2 gen S5. How about increasing head tube junction stiffness by 13% to improve handling, and a massive 25% increase in bottom bracket stiffness to deliver every pedal input as well as complement the additional head tube stiffness? If that was it, you'd have a pro tour podium worthy entry. The rider’s center of gravity was lowered via the bottom bracket, providing greater stability during high speeds and cornering. Trail length was increased also to provide greater stability, but more importantly trail values were unified across all sizes, for superior ride and handling qualities for each frame size, a particular benefit for smaller frames. The result is Stack and Reach measurements that are proportionate and appropriate for very size without compromising handling. How? Cervelo made a different size and spec fork for each frame size.

For virtually every one considering this bike, the S5's integrated CS28 V-shaped stem and aero drop carbon handlebar system has to be the focal point. It is fast, it is stiff, it is technical, and while it may be a little complicated at first glance it is actually designed to be easy to work with for electronic or mechanical shift systems, is actually far more adjustable than you might think, and it is clear the engineers considered every contingency. The entirely re-conceptualized aero cockpit achieves it's goals. Slip-in spacers can be used to adjust stem height and bar tilt without detaching any cables, making adjustment far simpler than in a typical aero bike. The stem was specifically designed to minimize the angle of cable bends, so riders get both perfect shifting/braking and the full aero benefit of hidden cables. The headset bearings are held in tension by a compression stem cap and internal tensioning rod, not a standard steerer. The rod helps support the bearing preload and gives plenty of room for running cables from the stem to the rear of the bike. The cap connects the external fork steerer and tensioning rod. Along with the tensioning rod it helps create bearing preload, incorporates cable guide holes, and provides a fork stop to prevent over-rotation. The cables pass through the center of the upper bearing and on through the space created within the head tube. This design ensures that the fork and bar rotate freely- no cable interference.

The usability of the set-up is excellent for such a deeply integrated set-up. You can change stem stack range up to 30mm (in 5mm increments). You can change the bar stack range by 2.5mm- independent of the stem, and bar pitch adjustment in two steps, to 2.5 or 5 °. The system is modular: wing, V, mount, and cap. If later you need more options, Cervelo offers a cap and mount (sold separately) for standard stems and handlebar. Other facts? You can easily run 700x28mm tires on 25mm external rim width wheels, and depending on rim (generally narrower) and actual tire measurements, you technically can fit 30mm tires.

The S5 aero post was redesigned for the frame, though it is similar to the previous version. An easy-to-use thumbwheel allows you quickly set saddle angle. Familiar S5 and Cervelo features are here: with the Extended Seattube Cutout, dropped down tube, BBright™ bottom bracket, Dropped Downtube and TrueAero™ shapes for the frame, fork, bar, and seat post. The front wheel cutout is based on a true airfoil section. The use of Flat Mount disc brake and 12mm Cervelo threaded lever thru-axle systems deliver consistent, perfect aligning disc brake set-ups, fast, safe wheel changes and add significant stiffness across the whole assembly from the hubs into the frame and fork. The rear stays have an updated S5 shape coming up and out of the dropout to allow for more vertical compliance, reduced vibration.

The geometry is true road race and aggressive. The position favors the design and vice versa. This is no glorified path cruiser or trophy bike, but an aero platform machine built for superior performance at the highest levels of the sport, in every size. Just a note on building this frameset. Cervelo strongly feels that a Cervelo-informed bike tech be used to assemble and set-up the S5 Disc. The bike experts in Sales here at Excel Sports can take you through the Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo options for your ideal build, and handle the full build service for a complete bike. Otherwise you must find a local Cervelo tech or a professional who can access all of the details required to assemble your S5. Call us at 800.627.6664 during business hours or email sales@excelsports.com to continue the conversation.


  • Exceptional, World Tour level S5 aero road disc brake frameset
  • Full carbon, aero CFD/Wind tunnel optimized 3rd gen S5 tubeset, room for 28mm tires
  • TrueAero S5 specific tubeset combines highly specific and integrated tube shapes, sizes, and features to improve aerodynamic flow across the totality of the bike
  • Proven Cervelo technologies: 79mm offset BBright, ESC Extended Seattube Cutout,
  • Upper and lower integrated fork/headtube, headset, stem, routing design influenced by P5X
  • Tapered, external carbon S5 disc fork, 1- 1⅜ headset, special headset bearing system
  • Frame/Fork: 12/142, 12/100mm Threaded, DT-style lever thru-axles, Flat Mount disc standards for 140/160mm rotors
  • Carbon V-shaped modular stem- aero bar configuration, with shim-based adjustments
  • Completely internal mech or electronic cabling routing and Di2 battery mount developed as S5 version of the Aero Cable Management design process
  • Includes: Cervelo SP20 Carbon Aero post, CS028 Carbon V-stem-AB08 integrated aero carbon handlebar system with full internal routing down inside headtube and into the frame
  • Component sizes included by frame size
    • 48cm Bar width: 38c-c, Stem length: 90mm, Post offset Zero
    • 51cm Bar width: 40c-c, Stem length: 90mm, Post offset Zero
    • 54/56cm Bar width: 42c-c, Stem length: 100mm, Post offset 25mm
    • 58cm Bar width: 44-c-c, Stem length: 110mm, Post offset 25mm
  • Sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58
  • Color: Five Black
  • Weight: 975 grams (56cm bare)
Cervelo S5 Disc
Size 48cm 51cm 54cm 56cm 58cm
Wheel Size 700 700 700 700 700
Stack 496mm 519mm 542mm 565mm 588mm
Reach 367mm 376mm 384mm 392mm 401mm
Head Angle 71° 72° 73° 73.5° 73.5°
Seat Angle 73° 73° 73° 73° 73°
Top Tube Length 520mm 535mm 550mm 565mm 581mm
Head Tube Length 69mm 87mm 109mm 130mm 157mm
Standover 707.5mm 729.2mm 747.4mm 775.3mm 805.9mm
Fork Trail 57.1mm 57mm 57.1mm 57mm 57mm
Fork Offset 58mm 52mm 46mm 43mm 43mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 72.5mm 72.5mm 70mm 70mm 67.5mm
Front Center 579mm 580mm 581mm 588mm 604mm
Wheelbase 973mm 974mm 975mm 982mm 999mm
Chainstay Length 405mm 405mm 405mm 405mm 405mm