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Road Framesets

Factor ONE-S Disc Frameset

The Factor ONE and ONE Disc have always represented pinnacle of the UK-based company's dedication to innovation, integration, and pure carbon construction capabilities. With the ONE-S Disc Frameset, Factor carries about 85% of the same design forward, but moves to a more standard fork, headtube, cockpit set-up. That's right, instead of the OTIS (ONE Total Integration System) front end, you can choose your ONE-S cockpit set-up and have easier adjustment, service, and flexibility. Now, do you sacrifice some of the ONE and OTIS enabled incredible aerodynamic profile and shape- yes. That is the trade-off, but in deciding to offer the ONE-S, the goal was to get more cyclists on the ONE concept, with it's Twin Vane Evo downtube and other sleek, aero forms and transitions. So, the trade-off has benefits in both directions. Factor re-engineered the front of the bike so you don't sacrifice much overall fork and junction stiffness, while reducing the weight of the assembly.

Each ONE-S Disc is built with Factor's EM2 RBi carbon system, employs various amounts of three carbon fiber types: Standard Modulus, Medium Modulus, and the costly and difficult to work with High Modulus Pitch Fiber. Each is applied to it's greatest effect, in accordance with the desired properties of each frame section or tube. Due to the challenges and costs, Pitch fiber is rarely used except at the top-end of the bike world. Factor knows the process and material well, and uses Pitch fiber to it's greatest effect. That exacting process, zero waste, highly informed engineering, and optimal materials combine to deliver a lightweight, compliant, yet super responsive frameset.

Profiting from all the aerodynamic work to design the Factor SLiCK (time-trial/triathlon machine), Factor’s R&D team has translated that tube-shaping knowledge to road bike platform. Using the sponsored pro approved geometry from the O2, the ONE-S Disc has a balanced feel with quick responsive steering and impeccable manners while descending and cornering. Other than the clean, smart lines, the most distinctive feature of the ONE series is the the development of the Twin Vane Evo downtube. This incredible design delivers more aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness. The Twin Vane Evo takes all the engineers have learned during extensive aerodynamic work and has been iterated through repeated CFD analysis in the computer, and later optimized in the wind tunnel. This feature on the ONE Disc shows an expertise in design and engineering that is unique to Factor and leads to a truly singular ride experience that has to be ridden to appreciate.

As stated the front end has become more traditional, without the OTIS integration. To keep the best aero profile the headtube was sized and shaped for a standard 1⅛ carbon steerer tube. There is still and integrated transition into the downtube, and the design is still sleek and fast, yet the headtube and downtube junction still feels solid and stiff when you get your weight out front for a sprint or while sprinting. Factor supplies a high quality Cane Creek 110-series headset with the ONE-S Disc frameset to tie the assembly together. The overall disc fork design and use of the Flat Mount disc caliper mounts ensures the cleanest possible air flow and maximizes the all conditions, consistent, and excellent disc brake performance.

The internal routing continues the aero theme, from the levers on back. The frameset is designed only for wired electronic shifting from Shimano and Campagnolo, as well as wireless SRAM eTap/eTap AXS. We always recommend Di2 users run e-Tube wires on the long side, or with junctions, which gives you flexibility when you install, service or overhaul your ONE-S Disc. These framesets were truly built with Di2 in mind so all the access placements and fittings are perfect, and generally that carries over just fine with Campy's EPS. The result is an incredibly clean build. Factor spec'ed the ONE-S Disc with a BBright bottom bracket shell (like Cervelo) delivers drivetrain power transfer in concurrence of asymmetric nature of pedaling forces. A substantial small parts box contains all the bits and pieces you need to complement your group choices.

The ONE-S Disc accepts 700x28mm tires on modern road rim widths so you can get the benefits of aero wheel and tire combinations. The included aero carbon seatpost has a 20mm offset, and available clamps for 7x7mm round and 7x9mm oval saddle rails. Geometry is true road race all around. Somewhat long and low (119mm headtube length in a 54cm), with compact stays, perfect angles, and 68mm bottom bracket drop- all of which scream race bike. This is a geometry that favors aggressive positions and riding decisions. If you are a weekend rider with limited flexibility, it will be difficult to get a proper bike fit, so please keep this in mind. If you are building this great frameset yourself know that Factor has great support online with detailed manuals. If you would like us to build your ONE-S Disc, we have great group, wheel and component options as well as the technical expertise to do it perfectly. Call us at 800.627.6664 or email us at sales@excelsports.com and we will be happy to discuss frame or build questions with you.


  • Lightweight road race disc brake frameset developed with aerodynamic efficiency, frame and fork stiffness, but with the flexibility of a standard cockpit set-up
  • Electronic Drivetrains Only, with Hydraulic disc brakes with Flat Mount calipers
  • Aggressive race geometry and fit positioning
  • Twin Vane Evo downtube is distinctive, highly effective for aero/stiffness
  • Full carbon, standard 1⅛ steerer disc thru-axle fork with wide stance legs
  • Comes with Cane Creek 110 Series Headset, 1-1/8" bearings
  • CFD software used in multiple tube shape iterations in pursuit of speed
  • Built with EM2 RBi carbon system featuring 3 modulus variations and layup
  • Frameset then tested in real world conditions to maximize design process
  • Electronic drivetrains only, Flat Mount disc brake calipers required
  • Internal cable routing for e-Tubes wires and hydraulic hose
  • Wide stance airfoil seatstays directs air flow around rear brake
  • Includes proprietary offset carbon aero seatpost
  • BBright bottom bracket shell
  • Accepts tires up to 28mm with 19mm internal width rim, most tire mfg's
  • Dropouts: 12/100mm front, 12/142mm thru-axles (included)
  • Sizes: 52, 54, 58 cm
  • Colors: Crimson, Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 856g (52cm)
Factor ONE-S Disc
Size 54cm 56cm 58cm
Wheel Size 700 700 700
Stack 542mm 565mm 588mm
Reach 384mm 392mm 401mm
Head Angle 73.1° 73.5° 73.5°
Seat Angle 73° 73° 73°
Top Tube Length 549mm 565mm 581mm
Head Tube Length 119mm 142mm 166mm
Fork Offset 53mm 43mm 43mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 68mm 68mm 68mm
Chainstay Length 405mm 405mm 408mm