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Gravel Framesets

Factor ViSTA Frameset 2020

The VISTA frameset is Factor's All-Road model, sleek and slick, aero and fast, but capable of carrying 35mm tires controlled by disc brakes over rough pavement and dirt roads. The VISTA is designed as a system-integrated chassis comprised of frame, fork, barstem and seatpost for the ultimate all-road performance. This is a frameset developed to allow you to ride faster and longer, and while discovering new cycling opportunities without limits.

Factor has worked exhaustively on the development and testing of the carbon layup for the VISTA. The size-specific carbon layups have been optimized for shock and off-road roughness absorption, for more comfortable and controlled riding over long distances and hours on the bike. The seatstays, upper portion of the downtube and fork legs have all been specially optimized. By having their own carbon manufacturing in-house, Factor can quickly and thoroughly make carbon lay-up changes and apply experimentation until the desired results for both stiffness and compliance are achieved. The optimized vibration and impact absorption has been achieved while keeping Factor's characteristic torsional BB stiffness when pedaling out of the saddle. This stiffness comes from our continuous downtube-to-chainstay “power-drive” construction. On the front of the bike, the combination of the torsionally stiff headtube-downtube joint and the OTIS external fork and barstem provide excellent front wheel tracking precision when cornering and descending.

The all-road geometry of the VISTA is designed to go fast under power and with excellent handling traits no matter how technical, fast or hilly the route might be. Special care has been paid to the fork trail and BB drop, to keep the best handling across all sizes, resulting in a stable yet quick reacting machine as in all Factor bikes. This geometry and handling characteristics are built around tire sizes from 30 to 35mm wide, not compromising the geometry trying to handle a bigger range of tire sizes. The balanced combination of Stack and Reach together with the innovative OTIS-AR barstem puts the rider in the best position to ride faster and longer. Combined with the all-road, size specific carbon layup, the VISTA can tackle the roughest roads and bring you fresh home for a final sprint.

Taking advantage of the proprietary Factor OTIS design, the VISTA features an all-road optimized version of this system. The fork legs’ carbon layup has been optimized for shock and vibration absorption, while it remains torsionally stiff thanks to the external, double clamp design and solid connection to the barstem. This OTIS-AR disc fork also features hidden fender mounts, Flat Mount disc brakes, 12/100mm thru axle with removable threads and clearance for 35mm tyres (clearance for 35mm wide measured tires, with more than 4mm at the narrowest point). The OTIS design also allows for easy and totally hidden internal cable routing for drivetrain cables and brake hoses.

The frameset is compatible with 1X and 2X drivetrains, and both mechanical and electronic options. In every case the internal cable routing stays hidden all the way from the shifters to the derailleurs, thanks to the OTIS headset system, for the cleanest look and protection for the cables. Factor's expertise manufacturing carbon frames and components also shows when routing the cables internally, as the inner surfaces of every tube are clean and smooth. The OTIS fork and headset also allow to adjust the handlebar stack height (with provided spacers) at anytime without the need to redo the cabling or cut the fork.

Short for "ONE Total Integration System", the OTIS design brings excellent steering accuracy and the possibility to hide all cables and brake hoses internally while still being easy to set-up. The VISTA includes the AR (all-road) version of this proprietary Factor design, with a special design to provide increased shock absorption, thanks to the flat and wide stem. The geometry of the handlebar has also been adapted to the intended all-road use, with a slight backsweep on the tops, and flared drops. The flat-back, 15mm setback VISTA AR seatpost profile allows for more compliance compared to a round seatpost, while the elaborated long fiber carbon layup avoids bobbing under power. The shape of the barstem and seatpost has been optimized through intensive FEA, as well as numerous layup iterations at the FACTOR carbon lab. The prototype components have been put to test for many miles under our test rides to come up with the final carbon layup and materials.

The VISTA is supplied with a removable front derailleur hanger, a 1X cover and all grommets needed for electronic drivetrain cables. The BBright bottom bracket shell paired with the asymmetric wide downtube, helps with torsional stiffness and opens up the chainstays for the tire clearance. Factor supplies a Ceramic Speed bottom bracket with shims and a full complement of small parts for this frameset. If you have questions about this Factor VISTA frameset or would like to discuss a complete or partial build, please give us a call at 800.627.6664 or email at sales@excelsports.com.


  • Ultimate all-road machine, designed and engineered to ride longer, faster and discover more without limits
  • Premier quality, engineering in top-level All-Road frameset-chassis
  • EM2 RGicarbon All-Road system developed over years of high level carbon experience
  • All-Road specific geometry is optimized for tire sizes from 30 to 35mm wide
  • OTIS-AR external fork with all-road optimized layup
  • OTIS-AR barstem with all-road optimized layup, Di2 ready
  • VISTA AR flat-back seatpost 350mm, 15mm offset, Di2 battery compatible
  • Cane Creek 110 headset components for the OTIS fork system
  • All-internal, hassle-free cable routing
  • Electronic and mechanical, 1X and 2X drivetrain compatible
  • Continuous downtube-to-chainstay “power-drive” construction
  • Flat Mount disc brakes, 12/100mm, 12/142mm thru axles with removable threads and clearance for 35mm tires
  • Removable FD hanger, a 1X cover and all grommets needed electronic drivetrain cable
  • BBright bottom bracket shell, comes with Ceramic Speed BB with axle shims
  • Max tire size: 700x35mm
  • Hidden fender mounts on frame/fork
  • Component specifics by frame size
    • 49cm | Bar width: 38c-c, Stem length: 80mm
    • 52cm | Bar width: 40c-c, Stem length: 100mm
    • 54cm/56cm | Bar width: 42c-c, Stem length: 110mm
    • 58cm | Bar width: 44c-c, Stem length: 120mm
  • Sizes: 49, 52, 54, 56, 58cm
  • Color: Stone Grey, Hunter Green, CHPT3 Devesa
Factor Vista
Size 49cm 52cm 54cm 56cm 58cm
Wheel Size 700 700 700 700 700
Stack 530mm 546mm 566mm 588mm 610mm
Reach 363mm 370mm 379mm 386mm 394mm
Head Angle 70.6° 71.1° 72.4° 72.5° 72.5°
Seat Angle 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Top Tube Length 520mm 532mm 547mm 560mm 575mm
Standover 732mm 749mm 782mm 804mm 825mm
Fork Trail 61mm 58mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Fork Offset 58mm 58mm 48mm 48mm 48mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 77.5mm 77.5mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Chainstay Length 415mm 415mm 418mm 418mm 418mm