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Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive Portable Trainer

The success of the original Omnium trainer, which featured a resistance module, had on one crowd of detractors- those who simply wanted a true spin-style warm up trainer. Many track and road cyclists prefer that feel- similar to a set of rollers- for warming up or training out imperfections in their pedaling action. Easy enough, as Feedback Sports changed the name of the original to the Omnium Over-Drive, and released the Omnium Zero-Drive, which doesn't have any added resistance. In all other regards, the lightweight, easily portable fork mount units are the same.

Functional. Portable. Easy to use and adjust. Lightweight. Forward thinking and adaptable. These are all keywords Feedback Sports work stand users have used to describe the Colorado company's products. With the introduction of the Omnium Portable Trainer with Tote Bag, the same qualities that made event and race travel simpler with Feedback work stands comes to warm-up and prep. If you have every hauled your 35-50 lb fluid trainer from the parking lot to the warm-up zone, you know how little fun it can be before and after an event. The Omnium Zero-Drive Portable Trainer weighs just 13.3 lbs, yet is quickly and easily adjustable for bike sizes, can be used for road, cross or mountain bikes, with any tire choice. Breathe, and let that all sink in for a minute.

The simple fork-mount design has been optimized for warm-up, but can also be used for general bike travel, and even as your spin trainer. The two 4" diameter double-wall aluminum drums create a base level of friction resistance against the rear tire, just like a set of rollers, and you need to keep an even, smooth spin in order to keep the rear wheel on the drums. You can even feel comfortable using your race tires, because without the added force of the locked-in drum pressure, you won't generate more friction or heat than you would riding on the road or trail.

The fork mount itself is compatible with all current front axle systems, and is future-proof as well. This is carried by the Feedback-standard tripod design for excellent stability, simple height adjustment and ease of use. The drum section is attached via a sliding system, that locks into place with a quick turn of a knob. Because this track system is slightly raised from the base of the tripod and the drum unit, you don't need pristine, flat ground to set-up safely. The unit comes fully assembled, and folds down to 25.75 x 7.25 x 8 inches with its tote bag.

Innovation has driven the excellence and success of Feedback Sports, as has strong listening skills, and open communication with general cyclists and sponsored riders. By adding the Omnium Zero-Drive Portable Trainer to their line-up, they made a simple subtraction to a great product, and met the needs of a smaller group of cyclists, while opening up tried and proven training techniques to more riders. As you''d expect, the set-up, engineering, construction, and performance are all top notch, allowing you to push your own level higher.


  • Innovative, lightweight, zero added resistance, easily portable trainer ideal for travel, event warm-up, spin training
  • Tripod design is stable, and height adjustable for wheels 600c-29er
  • Accepts forks with standard QR, 12, 15mm diameter, 115, 110mm long thru axles
  • No added resistance- only the friction of the dual drum rollers on the tire and your gearing determine the feel and pedaling speed
  • Dual aluminum, double wall drums; 4" inch diameter
  • Frame features lightweight aluminum construction
  • Bearings are greased and sealed, requiring no maintenance
  • Does not wear race tires like rear-locking trainers, any tire type can be used
  • Sliding, locking track system creates simple length adjustment, above ground surface
  • No assembly required–simply unfold and mount bike
  • Includes heavy-duty, padded tote bag for transport and storage
  • Wheel base range from 840mm to 1200mm
  • Folded dimensions: 25.75 x 7.25 x 8 inches
  • Rider weight limit: 225 lbs
  • Trainer weight: 13.3 lbs