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Nutrition Supplements

First Endurance PreRace Capsules

PreRace capsules make taking PreRace easier than ever. Suggested use is 3 capsules 30 to 45 minutes before exercise and 1-3 capsules for every 2 hours of exercise as tolerated.

PreRace is a new pre-exercise supplement developed to provide endurance athletes with a mental and cardiac jump-start prior to races or workouts. The Pre-race formula provides all the necessary ingredients needed to increases mental stamina, increases time to exhaustion, increases maximum workload, improves mental clarity and increases oxygenation of muscles. Features include caffeine, taurine, qurcetin and a proprietary neuro-stimulant blend.

PreRace is designed to stimulate the Nitric Oxide system, increase time to exhaustion and improve performance. Nitric Oxide improves blood flow, clears lactate and delivers more nutrients to working muscles. Citrulline Malate and Taurine have been shown to enhance cardiac output leading to numerous endurance enhancements.

This Pre-Exercise supplement also improves cognitive function and mental clarity through CNS stimulation. PreRace is formulated with a proprietary neuro-stimulant blend that contains diMethyl amino ethanol, metabromine and catechin to improve mental acuity. This special Neuro-stimulant blend works synergistically with 100mg of caffeine and quercetin to improve time to exhaustion and increase maximum workload.

  • 90 capsules - approximately 30 servings
  • Stimulates nitric oxide
  • Increases clarity and mental focus
  • Improves cardiac output and max workload
  • Used by Alberto Contador and Levi Leipheimer