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Road Rims - Clincher

HED Belgium Plus Disc Tubeless Rim

Quite possibly, the perfect rim for cross, this disc brake only version saves about 20 grams over the rim brake model. The Tubeless compatible HED Belgium Plus clincher rim is a 25mm wide rim that extends the benefits of the 23mm wide technology and is now tubeless ready. The main improvements over conventional narrow rims (and even HED's current 23mm wide technology) include better corner grip, excellent wheel stability in all conditions, increased aerodynamics with proper tire size, improved comfort, and increased rolling speed.

A widened platform provides several benefits. The tire casing is allowed to spread out and make a larger contact patch with the ground. This improves corner grip as well as lowering rolling resistance. The wider rim also increases the amount of air volume which in turn allows the tire to be run at lower pressure. This lower pressure means that the bumps will be smoothed out in the road, which improves comfort. Unlike with narrow rims, the wide platform supports the tire sidewall so that you can corner with more confidence, as there is no tire flop. Lateral stiffness and drivetrain efficiency are improved with the Plus wheels due to the increased width.

The 25 mm wide platform of the Belgium Plus provides a more stable platform for tires of any size, and allows you, if you choose to set it up Tubeless, lower pressure capabilities. This versatility in tire size and the ability to run lower pressures makes it a great choice for cobbles, gravel, and dirt, while a larger contact patch increases rolling speed across every surface, and silky smooth on the pavement.


  • Best selling clincher Plus width Tubeless compatible rim that drove the wider rim movement
  • Rim Spec: 25mm external rim width, 20.5mm internal width, 24.5mm rim profile
  • Welded brake joint
  • For use with disc brakes only
  • Tubeless ready with proper sealing tape
  • 592 ERD
  • Max tire pressure: 90psi
  • Options: 24H, 28H, 32H
  • Color: Black w/subtle outline logo
  • Weight: 465 grams

Rim strips are not included. We recommend using either Zipp or Continental 18mm rim strips or 21mm Stan's NoTubes Rim Tape and 44mm Universal Tubeless valves (if you are setting your wheels up tubeless) with the HED Belgium Plus rims.