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Road Cables & Housing - Shift

Jagwire Pro Inline Cable Tension Adjusters

Most of the current cable-actuate shifting and braking systems run housing along the handlebar. Couple that with internal cable routing on many new carbon and metal frame designs, and inline cable tension adjusters have come back into vogue. Jagwire is committed to providing a full selection of this crucial and functional items and have made this version more compact and easy to use for minor cable tension adjustments. Having a shorter body than older version is important because there is now so little straight, or mostly straight housing runs to actually place inline adjusters. With this design you only need 20mm of housing length to install. Most road cyclists opt for a single inline unit for the ability to fine tune front derailleur tension. Most road rear derailleurs have a dedicated barrel adjuster, but some riders will choose to have one closer to the handlebars for in-ride adjustments.

The inline adjuster is easy to install and use when you are installing or replacing cable and housing. Try to keep the unit on a straight line through the adjuster and 10-15mm beyond both ends. Too much bend or tension on the unit might cause incidental adjustment or "wind-up" in the system. Adjustment comes from turning the textured barrel. Turn the inline adjusting barrel clockwise to shorten (decrease tension) the cable or counter-clockwise to lengthen the cable (increase tension).


  • Compact, functional inline barrel adjusters for cable/housing systems
  • Lightweight, with non-marring rubberized barrels
  • Must be installed in straight, or nearly straight housing runs
  • Ferrules supplied for both ends of each adjuster
  • Use with matched size (4 or 5 mm) derailleur housing
  • Options: 4mm, 5mm
  • Color: Black
  • Please follow all instructions for installation and use