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Road Cables & Housing - Shift

Jagwire Sport Inline Cable Tension Adjusters

With many bikes, especially cyclocross, gravel, and adventure designs, now offering full cable housing runs from shifter to derailleur, having an inline barrel adjuster, especially for the front derailleur cable tension, can be quite helpful. Perhaps you just want adjusters close to where you can reach them while you ride- you can install these proven Jagwire Sport Inline Cable Tension Adjusters anywhere on 4mm shift housing to get the desired effect.

Jagwire offers these non-indexed inline cable adjusters so you can make micro adjustments as necessary. Users of such inline adjusters are split about 50-50 on indexed versus non-indexed, but you do have choice, which is always good. These adjusters feature alloy barrels, coated with a thin rubber that allows you to easily adjust with one hand, in wet or dry conditions. You get the two adjusters, along with two 50mm segments of shift housing and end ferrules. Keep in mind, these are designed for 4mm shift housing, and are not recommended for braking systems.


  • Compact, functional inline barrel adjusters for shift cable/housing systems
  • Lightweight, with non-marring, easy to grip rubberized barrels
  • Must be installed in straight, or nearly straight housing runs
  • Two 50mm lengths of 4mm housing and end ferrules included
  • Use only with 4mm derailleur housing
  • Color: Black
  • Please follow all instructions for installation and use