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Small Parts Derailleur Hangers

Niner Derailleur Hanger

Niner's replaceable derailleur hangers are machined from aluminum alloy. The originals and replacements from Niner are the same exact part and are all designed to fit your specific frame and drop-out system perfectly. We find them to be stiff and resilient- easily among the best out there.

Replaceable hangers are designed to give way before damaging the frame in case of accident or incident. At the same time, they should be stiff enough to be mounted and aligned properly without fatiguing. Impact, and repeated alignment have the potential to crack and fatigue. Remember these inexpensive items preserve your much more expensive frame, and are a crucial component in your shifting performance. Always check you hanger alignment after a crash, and it is a good idea to examine it more closely anytime you clean your bike or remove your wheel. We highly recommend having a spare at all times. Many riders even carry one in their saddle bag or hydration pack. Use an alignment tool when installing, or as soon as possible for optimal performance.


  • Niner machined aluminum, bolt-on, replacement derailleur hangers
  • Specific to each model bike and drop out system, and possibly by release year
  • Always replace a fatigued, cracked, or bent hanger
  • You will never regret having a spare
  • Note: Niner# 28-014-14-00-20, the 12x142/148 selection, is compatible with:
    • RIP/JET/AIR/RKT 9 RDO, RIP/Jet/Air 9 Carbon, RIP/Jet/Air 9 Alloy, One 9 RDO and WFO 9
    • Select your model from the drop down list
    • Color: Black