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Park Tool FAG-2 Frame Alignment Gauge

Any bike recycling group, shop or steel bike collector needs a frame alignment gauge. Why? Because frames can go out of alignment and most of us don't have the patience to use the "string technique" (a somewhat ineffective approach anyway) to check alignment. Why check? Sometimes a bike won't track properly, or shifting never quite seems to work properly. The FAG-2 Frame Alignment Gauge can actually check alignment any type of frame with a standard rear dropout, but keep in mind that only steel and titanium frames should actually be re-aligned.

By mounting placing the FAG-2 against the head tube and using the adjustable, retractable pointer at the rear dropout, alignment can be assessed quickly and easily. Certainly more easily than telling a customer or friend their frame isn't in alignment. Please keep in mind this is just a basic measurement gauge, and is used to check alignment, not manipulate the frame in any way.


  • Frame alignment gauge with reproducible accuracy
  • Adjustable, retractable pointer used at rear dropouts
  • Works with most frame types and rear dropout widths
  • 40" Long tool that must be stored carefully to prevent damage