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Tools & Maintenance Truing Stands

Park Tool TS-2.2P Powder Coated Professional Truing Stand

When you make a primary shop tool used the world over, you have to find ways to diversify the product and find other price points. Park Tool now offers the venerable TS-2.2 Professional Truing Stand with a blue powder-coated finish instead of the polished nickel-chrome version that is so familiar in shops everywhere. The world's most popular wheel truing stand and the standard of the industry for over 35 years is now, more than ever, the stand to choose for daily shop use and also the discriminating home mechanic. The second generation TS-2.2P combines time-tested functions from the legendary TS-2 with new features to make it more accurate and versatile than ever, and with the powderc-coat option offers savings over the nickel-chrome.

The Park TS-2.2P Powder Coated Professional Truing Stand accepts a wider range of wheel sizes, rim and axle widths. Updated knobs are both stronger and more comfortable. New removable/replaceable caliper tips better protect painted rims. The Park TS-2.2P is a bike shop standard, but also appreciated by home mechanics (and their friends) because it is very solid, accurate and a pleasure to use. It is much preferred by experienced wheel builders, shop techs and home mechanic/cyclists to flimsy, lightweight consumer stands.


  • Industry leading pro-grade wheel truing stand that sets benchmark for all competition
  • Calipers accept rim widths up to 4" and wheels up to 29" with or without tire
  • Accepts hub widths up to 175mm
  • Park Tool blue powder-coated heavy gauge steel
  • Stronger, more comfortable knobs
  • Removable/replaceable composite caliper tips protect painted rims
  • More shops and techs use the Park TS-2.2 models than any other truing stand
  • If a forward or backward tilt is desired, use with Truing Stand Tilting Base TS-2B
  • Use with the WAG-3 or WAG-4 Wheel Alignment Gauge for precision dishing
  • Add-on tools available: dial gauges, hub adapters, a rotor truing attachment and most importantly, the Centering Gauge, Item #1554-1 to keep your TS-2.2 aligned