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Tools & Maintenance Truing Stands

Park Tool TS-TA Thru Axle Adaptor

Every shop has to deal with wheel truing, building, and repair. With so many hub and axle standards available today, adaptors that allow shops to use their Park truing stands with more wheels are hugely important. Adaptors are a small investment, but Park's high quality truing stands aren't, and as they are designed and built for years of precision use, protecting that investment is important. The TS-TA Thru Axle Adaptor both simplifies any home or shop mechanic's life, and adds value to their truing stand.

The TS-TA makes it possible to adapt all Park Tool Truing Stands to work with 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm thru- axle front wheels, as well as Cannondale Lefty™ hub equipped wheels. The TS-TA also work with the rear 135mm thru axle hubs in the TS-2.2 and TS-3 truing stands. The TS-TA when used in the TS-8, TS-25, TS-15, TS-7 or TS-5 stands will work with all rear thru axle hubs.

The simple, corrosion protected threaded rod of the TS-TA has two precision machined steel conical adaptors (one on each end) with a spin-on dial knob for ease of use. You can adjust from either side for quick centering while the wheel is in the stand. It doesn't get much easier, and TS-TA Thru Axle Adaptor, along with it's cousin, the TS-2TA Thru Axle Adaptors, will have you fully covered.


  • Simple, conical thru-axle fitments that fit onto a threaded rod for easy use, centering
  • Works with 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm, Lefty thru-axle front wheels
  • Machined steel cones with spin-on dial adjusters
  • Won't damage hub axles
  • Holds wheel securely
  • Built for every day use by bike shops, ideal for home mechs with multiple hub types