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Park Tool WH-2 Wheel Holder

Park Tool is constantly developing products to make life easier for shop mechanics. The benefit is that any cyclist, team or travel tech can benefit as well. The WH-1 was successful and worked well, but Park's team decided it could be simpler, though perhaps more effective and useful. The WH-2 Wheel Holder may not be for everybody, if it speaks to your needs and work flow, we encourage you consider this versatile tool. No more need to hold wheels between your knees, balance on a bench top or ask for help.

The WH-2 firmly holds thru-axle, quick release, and solid axles.Working with wheels at a bench can be awkward. Getting a good set-up of the WH-2 is like having a strong helper to hold wheels during cleaning, tire and tube work, hub work, cassette work, and tubeless installation. The WH-2 can be bolted or clamped directly to a bench or installed in a bench vise.


  • Simplified update of the shop-popular WH-1
  • Quick and easy access to hold virtually any wheel to perfectly position your work for a variety of tasks
  • Can be clamped or bolted to bench, or used in a vise
  • Can be used for:
    • Wheel building
    • Cassette removal and installation
    • Tire and tube removal and installation
    • Tubeless tire - rim work
    • General cleaning
    • Hub work
  • Holds wheel perpendicular from mount angle
  • Accepts 12, 15, and 20mm thru axles, standard 5mm QR skewers, solid axles
  • E-Nickel finish for durability