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Road Framesets

Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk Frameset

The bike, or the rider? We all know the simple answer to that question. The success of Team Sky, now Ineos, in the grand tours, now with four different riders, forces us to assess that question, but not really challenging it. Suffice to to say that Dave Brailsford's cyclists have dominated while riding multiple generations of Pinarello Dogma framesets, all while the team has been in close collaboration with Pinarello and other partners to inform, field test, and improve the Dogma for nearly a decade. A bike doesn't make a cyclist, but forms part of a symbiotic relationship that inspires trust, delivers optimal performance, and becomes a natural extension of the rider. Power transfer, handling, stability, ride quality, aerodynamics, and pure feel all combine with the cyclist to maximize the potential in the relationship. That is why in 2019, with the Tour de France GC standings feeling wide open going into the last week, the team and two Ineos riders made all the right decisions and physical efforts to finish with the top two podium placements. Not only does everything have to go right, nothing can go wrong, so never discount reliability and consistent bike performance, and while we celebrate Egan Bernal, Geraint Thomas and the rest of the Ineos team operation, let's not forget that the just released Dogma F12 maintained the Dogma series winning legacy in the process.

A bare Dogma F12 Disc frame weighs in at 840 grams, so we can all see the future where rim brake bikes are rare in the pro peloton. Add in the braking advantage in all conditions and how the frame and wheels become more aerodynamic while saving weight, and the formula is proven. To look at the basic details of the Dogma F12, one could assume that it's new shapes and features are just a dress-up of the F10. Some reviews have pointed out that the same Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology is used, so how much better can it be? Well, as a rare and quite expensive carbon material, the T1100 is still the premier fiber blend used in the bike industry, with great lay-up flexibility and inherent properties. It is well known that lay-up and engineering are the two keys to using any carbon fiber material, and Pinarello has been evolving the carbon Dogma Series bikes for a decade. They know the process, they know the CFD testing results, they know the real world testing experience, they know what cyclists look for and they execute brilliantly. We don't need to go deep into dropout-to-dropout Asymmetric engineering at this point. Call it proven, often copied, and never duplicated. Instead let's look at what the F12 delivers compared to the F10, then you can decide the relative value of that experience.

The driving focus behind the F12 Disk frameset development was the desire to improve aerodynamics. How about achieving a drag savings of 8 Watts at 40km/h? This means for every 1km of riding, it equals a 1 second gain. Let that sink in a little. You can see the incredible shaping of the headtube and how it carries back into the top and down tubes. The subtleties that appear as sculpted, not laid up and compressed to exacting standards. Cable routing through a fully integrated bar/stem and the steerer/headtube make the front end incredibly clean and slippery fast. You see zero housing with the F12 Disc and MOst Talon Ultra Bar/Stem. The Bolide-inspired fork design was also completely re-engineered with incredible shaping that not only improves airflow and makes a great contribution to that reduction drag, but is also an incredible 40% torsionally stiffer than the F10 Disk fork without sacrificing compliance. This means incredible brake force management and unbelievable wheel control at any speed or angle.

Increasing bottom bracket stiffness of the F12 Disk was the second priority, although the F10 was no noodle. The new frame design and carbon lay-up result in a serious 10% increase in lateral stiffness through the bottom bracket. When you add that to the fork and headtube junction advancements, the F12 sets the stiffness / power transfer efficiency bar exceptionally high. More impressively, as more stiffness at this level usually means a weight gain, the Dogma F12 increased lateral stiffness by 10% while leaving the overall weight of the frame unchanged. Still hung up on the "same old material"? The F12 Disk lay-up also allowed the engineers to create proper space in the rear triangle for 28mm tires on modern rims. The fork has ample clearance as well. With the 12mm thru-axle dropouts front and rear and Flat Mount Disc caliper interfaces, the F12 Disk has all of the benefits in lighter weight, overall interface stiffness and efficiency of a true world class leading disc brake road race bike.

Just because Pinarello carries over some enhanced features, such as the aero ForkFlap design, Dogma Aero seatpost, downtube ELink electronic integration port, and that T1100 carbon fiber don''t discount that each and every facet of the F12 frameset was subjected to fresh thinking and engineering. Even the braze-on tab got a cleaner frame integration, while the ForkFlap, while similar, has been improved. Every detail, every feature was examined. We love that Pinarello attention to detail, which carries on through the handmasked and painted finishes. We love that some subtle things didn't change, including the ultra reliable MOst Croxover Italian threaded bottom bracket shell. Suffice to say that while any bike will be subject to aesthetic judgments and speculation about value, the very real improvements in aerodynamics and stiffness of the Dogma F12 drive the true nature of this pure race bike and exceed that of it's proven F10 and F8 predecessors. If ultimate performance is your goal, the Dogma F12 Disk is the ideal frameset to draw the best out of you.


  • Dogma-series disc frameset w/ massive upgrades-improvements over F10 Disc
  • Frame and Fork feature Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology
  • FlatBack tube profile, incredible 7.3% reduction in frame/fork drag over F10
  • 8w estimated gain at 40km/h with MOst Talon Ultra bar/stem FiCR cable routing
  • Full Internal Cable Routing with compatible bar stem for zero visible cables
  • New F12 Onda Disk w/ ForkFlap fork is 40% more torsionally stiff than F10
  • 10% increase in lateral stiffness at bottom bracket vs F10 Disc
  • 12/100mm fork, 12/142mm rear thru-axles; Flat Mount disc brake standard
  • Braze-on front derailleur mount; integrated drop-in 1½ headset system
  • Requires external cup Italian thread bottom bracket
  • 3XAir- two positions available for the second bottle mount)
  • Includes Dogma Aero Carbon post, w/TwinForce rearward fastening system
  • Frames up to 50cm come with Zero offset post, larger sizes with 20mm setback
  • Available in 13 sizes (please contact us for size availability if not listed)
  • Colors: BOB 430 (others available, please check drop down; contact us)
  • Weight: 840 grams (53cm, bare frameset)
Pinarello Dogma F, F12
Size 46.5cm 50cm 51.5cm 53cm 54cm 55cm 56cm 57.5cm 59.5cm 62cm
Wheel Size 700 700 700 700 700 700 700 700 700 700c
Stack 517.6mm 525.4mm 532.3mm 542.6mm 551.2mm 561.6mm 570.2mm 584.8mm 613.3mm 651.7mm
Reach 364.8mm 372.1mm 378mm 383.3mm 385mm 388.8mm 390.7mm 396.7mm 393.3mm 410.1mm
Head Angle 70.5° 71.4° 72° 72.5° 72.8° 72.8° 73.2° 73.7° 73.4° 73.4°
Seat Angle 74.4° 74° 73.7° 73.7° 73.4° 73.4° 73° 73° 72.4° 72°
Top Tube Length 515mm 525mm 535mm 545mm 550mm 557mm 565mm 575mm 587mm 620mm
Head Tube Length 104mm 109mm 114mm 123mm 131mm 142mm 149.5mm 163mm 199mm 239mm
Fork Offset 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 73mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm 43mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 72mm 67mm 67mm
Chainstay Length 406mm 406mm 406mm 406mm 406mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 408mm 411mm