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Tools & Maintenance Torque Wrenches & Sockets

PRO Team Digital Torque Wrench

There are numerous compact analog torque wrenches that offer precision and reliability at great prices. PRO offers one, but now the component company also offers the 2-25 Nm Team Digital Torque wrench. With a 1/4" hex ratchet drive and extension, the system is compatible with any such hex head fittings, but comes with a set of commonly used tool bits with all components carried in a molded plastic case.

The Team Digital features a strain gauge torque measurement system, LCD screen with a real time torque shown, as well as an audio indicator. The measurement can be changed for multiple torque reading (Nm, ft/lb, in/lb or kg/cm). Protect your bike and components by using accurate, proper torque based installation with the PRO Team Digital Torque Wrench.


  • Compact digital torque wrench system for low-torque applications optimized for bike use
  • Ratcheting tool with 1/4" hex drive w/extension for 6 sided hex bits
  • Digital Strain Gauge, LCD real time torque indicator, Audio indicator of torque
  • Torque Readings between 2 and 25Nm
  • Materials: Steel body/components, Thermoplastic rubber grip handle
  • Comes with: molded case, six hex bits, 2 Torx bits,
  • With its own case, the digital torque wrench comes with six hex bits and two Torx heads, as well as
  • 2/2.5/3/4/5/6 Hex, T20/T25 and a 1/4 inch hex adaptor
  • Can be measured/read in Nm, ft/lb, in/lb or kg/cm
  • Color: Black/Silver