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Shelter Zero Due Invisible Frame Protector

Shelter ZeroDue is a very thin (0.2 mm), super lightweight polymeric protector Flexible- easily adapts to difficult geometries and possesses an incredibly high abrasion resistance, and is available here in an A4 sheet that can printed on, and is easily cut with scissors, knife, or a straight edge cutting system

Shelter will diminish the force of every impact better than anything else that's on the market. specifically created to mitigate the exposure carbon frames have to this particular kind of damage. It also works well to decrease noise from chain slap, protect chain stays, and any other impact area. invisible protection against scratches. Adhesion of Shelter is defined “semi-structural”, so very strong but not permanent. After being applied, it takes Shelter 8 hours before developing its optimal bonding.

After that, normal bicycle use or washing won’t affect it, but it can be removed – if needed – without damaging the underlying paint. Once applied- on impact Shelter deforms- which decreases the force (force=impulse/time) while also distributing the force over a greater area, thus decreasing the force per square inch. After impact, the Shelter protection tape returns to the normal resting state.


  • Clear-invisible frame protection in a standard A4 paper size size: 8-1/4 x 11-3/4"
  • .2mm thin, super lightweight polymeric protection grade material that is incredibly abrasion protection
  • Easy application, as the material is thin and flexible to easily follow the contour of difficult geometries
  • Strong adhesion on curved surfaces ideal for protecting carbon or metal parts
  • UV stabilized so it will not yellow over time
  • Highly effective under downtube, chainstays, crankarms, and any place where cable housing may rub on finish
  • Follow all detailed instructions- doesn’t require special tools or procedures, just normal skills and patience