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Mountain Cables & Housing - Brake

Shimano BH90-JK-SSR Disc Brake Hose Kit

This BH90-JK-SSR Brake Hose Kit includes the olive and other fittings requires to connect Shimano's 2nd gen 11-speed road and GRX hydraulic lever designs to the same series disc caliper. The 1700mm long hose is sized for most bikes, used front or rear. You need one kit per lever and caliper set-up. Shimano employs their own hydraulic Mineral Oil and features the simple and effective One-Way bleeding system.


  • One hydraulic disc brake hose system used with 2nd generation Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace, as well as GRX Dual Control levers
  • One kit required per lever/caliper set-up
  • BH90-JK-SSR is compatible with: BR-R9170 Brakes (ST Side; 2 type, BR Side; 1 Type)
  • Includes: Olive & Connect Insert (W/TL-BH61)
  • 1700mm brake hose with threaded hydraulic caliper fittings
  • Installation requires tools, fixture and knowledge not included in the kit
  • Compatible with Dual Control hydraulic levers: R9170/9120, R8070/8020, GRX-800, GRX-810, GRX-815
  • Shimano # ISMBH90JKSSL170
  • Color: Black