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Road Shimano Priority Packs

Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 Priority Pack

You have been waiting, and waiting- and now Shimano's 12-speed premium grade road group is here! For a limited time Shimano is selling groupsets in a box, AKA the Dura-Ace R9200 Priority Pack. The R9200 series is only available in the new Di2 system, and won't be offered for mechanical shifting. Shimano is referring to this as "wired-less", as the shift levers powered by coin cell style batteries, while an internal seatpost mounted battery is wired to the front and rear derailleurs. This eliminates complicated E-Tube wire routing in today's fully integrated cockpit and keeps the system in premium efficiency all around. The engineers believe in the value of a long running battery and the proper power to drive the servo motors of the derailleurs. Shimano calls the R9200 series the "Science of Speed", as every detail, every decision, and every component of the R9200 series is engineered to deliver a faster, more reliable, and more intuitive ride experience. Shimano dedicated years of research, development, and testing to refine its this flagship road system.

The Priority Pack includes the following: Shift/Brake Levers, Front (Braze-on) and Rear Derailleurs, Hydraulic Disc Calipers (with hose/fittings), Disc Rotors (160&140mm), Crankset, Chain, Cassette (11-30T), 2 new SD300 Di2 E-Tube Wires (900mm, 1200mm), BT-DN300 internal seatpost Battery, 2 specific Tools, and required small parts. Bottom brackets are frame specific, so you will need to provide your own. The battery has multiple ports (3) on it's base, so only two wires are required and the 900mm is for the Front Derailleur, while the 1200mm is for the Rear Derailleur. Each shifter is otherwise powered by a CR1632 coin cell battery. For those looking for a Di2 Junction Box, the R9200-series moves the charging port, Function button and D-FLY communication system- plus the LED system indicator, to the body of the rear derailleur. The 4th generation E-Tube App simplifies the set-up and diagnostic process, with a much more effective interface.

The new shifting system delivers 58% faster rear shifting and 45% faster front shifting compared to the wired R9100 Di2. The Di2 lever switches are also redesigned for better control and easier access. The longer switches are easier to reach, and an increased offset between the switches makes them easier to differentiate while riding. A third, accessory switch on the top of each hood carries forward. The shifter bodies are 4.6mm longer for better hand position and safe control. Ergonomics of the upright section and the overall design itself are now even better, with a natural feel and more purchase area. As for the hydraulic brake system, it now features Shimano’s proven SERVO WAVE technology to enhance performance thanks to a faster initial bite point followed by a wider control area. This allows riders to modulate their braking forces more easily, with precision. You will notice more control while braking and increased power when needed. The modulation feedback is the most advanced, noticeable aspect. The update delivers a quieter braking system. The brake calipers boast a 10% increase in pad-to-rotor clearance to reduce noise while a separate bleed port and valve screw improve the bleeding process. ICE Technologies developed a new radiator shaping, and improved the rotor stiffness, reducing risks of overheating and warping.

The Hollowtech II crankset was completely reconsidered and the material, bonding agent, and structural shapes all changed. The 12s cassette is compatible with HG11&12 freehub bodies, while the chain is the M9100 XTR version- carrying over to be the official road model as well. Otherwise the Hyperglide+ profiling and chain design are the most significant upgrades to these components. Time to start building up that frame! Don't have one? Give us a call at 800.627.6664 or email sales@excelsports.com for assistance.


  • Dura-Ace R9200 12-speed, Di2/Hydraulic Disc Brake groupset (minus a bottom bracket)
  • Delivers 58% faster rear shifting and 45% faster front shifting compared to the wired R9100 Di2
  • HYPERGLIDE+ improves shifting both up and down the cassette, even under maximum pedaling load
  • Drivetrain features optimized gearing options engineered for performance, speed without sacrificing drivetrain efficiency
  • Priority Package Contents/Info
  • All listed weights are actual, out of the box
  • ST-R9270 Shift/Brake Levers / 2x12-speed Dual-Control, 178g each
    • Wireless Di2 connectivity (CR1632 coin cell powered secure signal sent to RD)
    • Programmable button function; compatible with satellite shifters
    • Refined hood for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics
    • Hoods are taller with a slight curve inward for a more secure, natural position and control
    • Improved button access, plus carryover of the top-of-hood accessory button
    • 4.6mm longer reach on hood body for increased security and control
    • Braking: SERVO WAVE technology enhances brake performance
    • Faster initial bite point followed by wider control area; modulate braking forces more easily, precisely
  • FD-R9250 Front Derailleur (braze-on type only), 94g
    • Specific to the 12-speed system
    • Smaller (33% less frontal area) and lighter, much better clearance on wider tire frame designs
  • RD-R9250 Rear Derailleur (includes EW-EC300 charging cable), 216g
    • Shimano Shadow design is compact to the frame
    • Integrated D-FLY Connectivity, Charging Port, LED Indicator, Function Button
    • Compatible with 11-28, 11-30, 11-34 12-speed Shimano cassettes
  • FC-R9200 HOLLOWTECH II 2x12 Crank Set, 674g (50-34, 170mm)
    • Chainring combinations made: 50-34T, 52-36T, 54-40T
    • New hollow arm shape/spider design with 110bcd (different than asymmetric R9100)
    • Design improves strength- with new process and aluminum/bonding materials
    • Bottom Bracket NOT included; frameset specific
  • CS-R9200-12 HYPERGLIDE+ Road Cassette, 221g
    • Compatibility with Shimano 11 and 12-speed freehub bodies
    • Refined 12 step gear combination provides peak efficiency and accelerating performance for every situation
    • 11-30T (cogs w/ " * " are titanium, others steel) 11-12-13-14-15-16-17*-19*-21*-24*-27*-30*T
    • Dual aluminum spiders, lockring
  • CN-M9100-12 HG Chain, 256g
    • Design was updated and changed for M9100 XTR, also official road chain for R9200
    • SIL-TEC treatment for extended wear, durability
    • QUICK-LINK (SM-CN910-12) Single-use master link
  • BR-R9270 Brake Calipers w/hoses, 144g each
    • Refined design, improved performance from Servo Wave technology of brake lever system
    • Separate bleed port and valve screw improve the bleeding process
    • 13% wider control area from the brake lever; 10% wider pad clearance
    • RT-MT900 Center Lock Rotors w/lockring, ICETech; Front: 160mm 114g, Rear: 140mm: 94g
  • Finish: R9200-series Polished Black
  • All Priority Packs listed include: 11-30T 12-speed cassette, 160mm & 140mm disc rotors, BT-DN300 Battery (52g), 900mm & 1200mm EW-SD300 E-Tube wires, fittings & small parts, 1000mm Front & 1700mm Rear hydraulic hose lengths; one E-Tube wire tool, one RD set-up gauge
  • Priority Pack options: 170mm Crank w/ 50-34T rings, 170mm Crank w/ 52-36T rings, 172.5mm Crank w/ 50-34T rings, 172mm Crank w/ 52-36T rings
  • Sold as a package- absolutely NO exchanges, trades, omissions; cannot be broken up for sale