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Clothing Knickers - Mens

Sportful Neo Bib Knicker

A lightweight knicker is a perfect transitional piece for those days when summer weight bibs aren't going to be adequate, but conditions won't change much, so knee warmers seem less than ideal. At the same time, these days aren't plentiful in most areas so having a cost-effective summer weight bib knicker that is well made, offers the fit and feel you prefer and delivers comfort and performance benefits is a great idea. For you, the Sportful Neo Bib Knicker may well be the perfect solution. With great breathability, moderate compression, solid details and and the support of the Sportful Comfort Pro seat pad, this is bib knicker you'll wear when you need it, without feeling guilty when you don't.

Featuring a Sportful Elast-X210g compression polyamide blend as the main body fabric. It offers excellent muscle support and controlled stretch, with proper breathability, and is laid out in an anatomically informed panel fit around the knees that aids and encourages ergonomic pedaling motion while preventing bunching behind the knee. A faster breathing fabric blend is used for the inseam panels, and the blend has the benefit of greater wear resistance in this friction generating zone. At the leg openings, which generally hit around mid-calf height, a partial Jacquard elastic cuff carries silicone grip dots that keep the cuff where you want it.

In favor or widespread moisture transfer, the bib upper and straps are a light, controlled stretch mesh that not only keeps you drier, but also offers the essentially stability needed to support and hold the short section in place. The abbreviated sides of the bib upper are tall enough to support the external obliques with mild compression for better comfort overall. You can easily wear a lightweight long-sleeve jersey, even with a wind vest, and the mesh upper will pull moisture off your back and sides, keeping you dry, and allowing for better thermal management.

The seatpad is Sportful's Comfort Pro model, which has the narrower design of a pro-style pad, but the comfort and support of an endurance option. The Comfort Pro was recently updated updated, maintaining a soft and elastic padding level with the new shape, but with infinitely variable thickness foam sculpted to deliver comfort for long hour on the bike, no matter the surface. It moves well with the body and carries a new microfiber fabric topsheet with a soft feel, smooth finish and an antibacterial surface treatment. It is a great pad for a transitional season cycling knicker when you may want a little more overall comfort.

Construction wise, the Neo Bib Knicker is clean, and durable. Sportful applies flatlock stitching for the panels and keeps even these softer seams off of traditional friction-producing areas. At this price-point, it is hard to find a standard weight bib knicker with as many strong details and quality construction. You will get the performance and comfort you require, with no regrets.


  • Excellent value, comfort and performance in a standard weight bib knicker with excellent breathabiity
  • Elast-X 210g compression polyamide blend fabric to help prevent muscle fatigue
  • Airy and more resistant inseam fabric keeps you cooler with better overall friction resistance
  • Anatomic knee support for anatomic fit and ergonomic freedom
  • Leg opening features partial Jacquard elastic with silicone grip dots
  • Flat-lock stitching on selected seams
  • Upper has lightweight controlled stretch mesh on back, sides, bib straps for fast moisture release, support
  • Comfort Pro seat pad with, soft-elastic padding with the new shape, but with infinitely variable thickness foam
  • Pad has microfiber fabric topsheet with a soft feel, smooth finish and an antibacterial surface treatment
  • Note:Sportful's European cut tends to be almost a full size small, most US users size up
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 195 grams (Large)
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